Top quality Adult Training Whether you're new to the United States or you are looking to learn to drive for the first time or you would just like to refresh your knowledge of drivers Education. MLKSDS will focus on your skills needed to be a successful and confident driver. 


1.To determine if the driver can control the vehicle Safely 

2.To determine if the driver understands Signs,Signals and Pavement Marking 

3.Hill parking, Parallel parking and Backing around the corner 

4. Freeway driving(enter/exit freeway) and lane change 

5.Preparation for drive test, lane change, parking maneuvers and intersections (uncontrolled or controlled) 6. To prepare for the Department of Licensing Test   

Driving lesson is $75 an hour minimum two hours. The packages 6 lesson is $500 plus the driving  test one time. 8 lessons is $600 plus the  driving test one time,  10 lessons $800 plus pick-up knowledge and driving test  two times location must be within 7 miles or 15 minutes from our location, additional distance and travel time will be deducted from your lesson time. Terms and conditions each time you drive with us you must carry a valid learner's permit or license.Lesson must be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance. No-show or late cancelletion will be charged of $40. All lessons must be taken with-in 3 months we cannot guarantee that you'll do well on your drive test. We will teach you the skill that you need to be ticket and collision-free, but we cannot say if you will always follow what you've been taught. because of State requirements and liabilities we require all driving lesson to be conducted in our Vehicle