The following requirements must be meet if  Applicants use their own vehicle for the driving test. - All brakes lights must work - All turn signals must work - Seat belt must function - License plates must be current on tabs - A valid insurance a must - If raining windshield wipers must function and defroster system must work properly The drive test will test the Applicants ability to drive legally and safely. Applicants must pass the driving test with a score of a least 80%.   The fee for the skill exam is $50 for one attempt with your vehicle and $65   fee for using the School's training vehicle, practicing for skill test with   Exam is $200 for 90 Minutes. Before an applicant can take test they must first sign out testing policy  Pass the skill test and go to Washington State Department Of Licensing location to pick-up your License. TO MAKE APPOINTMENT OTHER TIME, YOU NEED TO PUT DEPOSIT IN THE OFFICE OR PAY WITH CASH APP FROM YOU PHONE 206-488 6121  SO WE CAN MAKE APPOINTMENT. THANKS